My notebook

by Al Pastor

  • Can be dropped, or thrown, repeatedly without damaging it.
  • Costs nothing to store.
  • Does not require electricity or batteries to operate.
  • Requires no heavy metals or slave labor.
  • Will never “eat” my work.
  • Doesn’t require a manual, or packaging.
  • Using it has not been linked to cancer.
  • You can spill food on it.
  • No one will steal it.
  • No ads, creeps, or trolls.
  • It is inexpensive, not to mention:
  • Personal, adaptable, and ancient.
  • A century from now it will still be “fully functional.”
  • It is impervious to the NSA, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Facebook, etc.
  • Yet, it requires no password.
  • It is easy to read; no eye strain or risk of carpal tunnel.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic, a renewable resource.
  • Child and adult can use it without instruction.
  • It never needs updates, and will never be subject to recalls or upgrades.
  • Only the people I show it to can access its contents.
  • Airplanes allow it during take-offs and landings.
  • It doesn’t make a sound.

What else? What have I forgotten?

Oh, here it is:

Sorry, dorm room entrepreneurs, it's already perfect.

Sorry, dorm room entrepreneurs, it’s already perfect.