Al Geiberger’s sensational sixth tip?

by Al Pastor

Al Geiberger's sensational sixth tip is SKIPPY!

Al Geiberger’s sensational sixth tip is SKIPPY!

A touch of recent rainy weather conjured up a memory. Al Geiberger was playing in the Legends of Golf here in Austin. His son, Brent, would follow him onto the tour. This day Brent was caddying for his old man. They had a cart but I remember ‘Skippy’ pointedly telling Brent to get the rain gear ready and keep in handy at a moment’s notice. It stuck, I guess, because I sensed an exchange of tour wisdom from father to son. (I didn’t realize Brent would win two events, Hartford and Greensboro, but shouldn’t be surprised. His dad played on two Ryder Cup teams and won a bunch, 11, including several big tournaments.)

Cleaning, the next day the above ad appeared in an envelope about to be tossed. The 1966 PGA Champion, later known as ‘Mr. 59,’ got a Skippy Peanut Butter endorsement back when there wasn’t much for pro golfers, or to any professional athletes, for that matter. I honestly don’t remember the ads, nor do I suspect they would have made much of a difference, not that I was the intended audience. Years later I did later watch those goofy Sybervision tapes that detailed Skippy’s silky swing in slow-mo.

Of course, Skippy was ever-present. Later, during those annual brief stops in Austin, when things weren’t nearly as severe with senior golf as they seem today, Al took the nickname in  stride. As he says here: “Skippy Peanut Butter is great for quick energy. And I prefer Skippy because it’s got more peanut flavor.” You tell him, Skippy.

Given the continued preference for PB&J among the triathlete and century-cycling crowd, Al was clearly ahead of his time.

Al’s Five “Fabulous Golf Tips to Help Lower Your Score:”

1)     Slow your swing down – Think of swinging easy during the entire backswing and most of the down-swing, and use your speed in the hitting area. A fast backswing means a slow hitting area.

2)     Use your body more – Think of your body as the main source of power. Use a good turn of the body and shoulders throughout the entire swing.

3)     Putting – Try striking the ball on a downward stroke. This will keep you from coming up off the putt and allow you to strike the ball much more solidly.

4)     Improve your balance – If your balance is bad try straightening up your back a little and crouching in the legs instead.

5)     Tip to the beginner – Learn the fundamentals from a qualified professional instead of teaching yourself and forming bad habits.