“Vintage” club posting alert

by Al Pastor

Writes the anonymous Craigslist entrepreneur:

“I have had these clubs for many years and just don’t use them anymore. The irons do have some rust and the drivers are real wood drivers.”

We can give the author an inch for his candor on the first point. It is apparent from the photograph that the clubs have been kicking around for some years. The disuse is obvious. I like his tack – admit just enough to give the impression, if just a whit, of truth. When he writes: “I have had these clubs for many years” what he really means is: “I have no idea where these ghastly things came from but I want them gone.” No honest golfer could possibly have had any personal attachment to these tomato stakes. That he “just” doesn’t use them anymore is precious. Oh, really? When could the last time have been that he possibly “used” these? I’m guessing never, or perhaps 1959.

But I especially like the next sentence. Yes, he is willing to admit that rust happens. Big of him. Ah, but they are real wood, let me guess: “Corinthian?” He seems to stop just short since the lie has come gasping close to reality. But the “vintage” tab? Pure genius. Um, well, maybe not exactly genius. Pure delusion? Now we’re getting somewhere.

"Vintage," you say? Who am I to argue?

“Vintage,” you say? Who am I to argue?