“A remarkable kid”

by Al Pastor

Steve Termeer, the general manager and chief operating officer of the University of Texas Golf Club, joined me recently on the radio. A former Longhorn golfer, Steve got his degree (finance), and has for many years distinguished himself locally and within the Southern Texas PGA from here in Austin. He remains naturally well-versed regarding golfing matters on the 40 Acres. He was also once the No. 1 ranked high school player in America. His son, Tayler, now plays for Texas. I’d hoped to talk more about a prodigy’s progression but we got side-tracked. Young Jordan Spieth was about to tee off contending in the final round of the Tour Championship. Short on time, I felt compelled to ask the obvious question. Was Steve surprised how early success has come? He responded:

It’s very interesting. The last guy who left the University of Texas in golf was David Gossett, after winning the U.S. Amateur and then he went on to win one of his first tour events out there back in 2000. [A cautionary tale – ed.] To see what Jordan’s accomplished is truly amazing. But he’s a remarkable kid. I got to be pretty close, to watch him. My son Tayler began to play golf here at the University of Texas at the same time that Jordan came in. So they were in the same class. It’s unbelievable. The kid is such a special kid.

What a lot of people don’t know is that behind the scenes he’s even a more remarkable person than the guy you see on TV. That’s great for the PGA Tour. You know, the family, his father John Spieth, his mom. He’s got a special needs younger sister. I think that probably set the tone for him at any early age to keep everything in perspective. And in this day and age you hear things and see things…People, well, like Tiger, who are at the top of their game, and what he does on and off the golf course. You’ve got a kid in Jordan Spieth, he’s the real deal and I’m really thrilled to see the money and all that stuff that’s coming. And you can’t help but root for him. And it’s genuine and true. It’s really what the PGA Tour needs. It’s a remarkable story.